Residency: Luminous Bodies, Artscape Gibraltar Point, 2022
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Performance: July 31, 2022: watching from a dream

With the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the City of Winnipeg

About the performances:

playing catch: is one of two video vignettes shot on Toronto Island while in residence at Luminous Bodies. The artist plays catch by herself, midway picks some grass, waits a while, then continues to toss the ball.
heavy equipment: vignette of the artist “playing” around a truck. Choreography is from contemporary dance classes taught by Treasure Waddell at Osborne Village Dance Club.
watching from a dream: is a mashup of experiences I had while at the luminous bodies residency, at Artscape, Toronto Island. It has 3 segments: - a. the dream, b. introductions, c. conversations with a friend. A section of this performance is inspired by a score presented during a dance workshop led by Ali Robson.