30 works 30 days, April 2024
challenge presented by Artquest 

Day 30: Todays work should vanish by the end of the day: the river trail (flooding)
Day 29: Map how you feel: today’s reality & yesterday's falcons
Day 28: Invent your own measurement of time: not too late
Day 27: Experiment with ways to document your work: bronze
Day 26: go smaller: today is my sister's birthday
Day 25: gold: copper

Day 24: Artwork for fish: omand’s creek
Day 23: repeat: repeat, video :15 sec
Day 22: What is your art practices superpower: spring
Day 21: Remake the last photo you took in a different medium: at the club
Day 20: Use someone's 30works30days post as inspiration: warm tones @Hannah_birkett
Day 19: Make your last ever artwork: nil, sewing.

Day 18: If art is a life jacket what would it look like: chapstick
Day 17: Make a work inspired by something in your fridge: ice dye
Day 16: Triangle, X, circle, square: on the drive home
Day 15: Make your work in the dark: gobo, “cats in the alley”
Day 14: a work that’s a love letter to someone: philippians
Day 13: can be viewed upside down: sunglasses

Day 12: Hate it: things banging around in the kitchen sound :23s
Day 11: Post to someone: to prepare a response
Day 10: Make your work commercial: shell and flower plate
Day 9: Take it apart and put it together again: rest.
Day 8: Try cheating: focus eclipse office chips
Day 7: Make a work while you’re doing/waiting for something else: church basement bathroom

Day 6: be a beginner: decorative stitching
Day 5: make art outside: vacation, video, :30 seconds
Day 4: share a secret: I want to be a
Day 3: joy: drawing and lavender mint tea
Day 2: found marks: morning light, mud marks, spilled candy