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May 18, 2020 - Artists Rita Evans and Nicole Shimonek explore communication with eachother through zoom. 


The Score – a musical composition, a mark, a starting point, a tally, a method of tracking
“A score to perform” is a performative web-based project formed around notions of communication. Artists Rita
Evans and Nicole Shimonek experiment with a performative score and subsequent set of parameters to create
work at the time of COVID-19 exhibited and juxtaposed alongside one another.
Octavia Butler’s “Speech Sounds” is a starting point for the collaboration, reflecting on how, in the story, a
pandemic takes away a civilization’s capacity to communicate in written and spoken language. People
communicate through gesture using symbols to introduce themselves to one another.
This work questions around what new languages are potentially formed with the technologies we are all
currently using, what is lost and what is gained across this medium. It relays around ideas of the politics and
proximity of touch and how this effects the human body.


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