Leaky Rad Continued is a performance that combines abstract drawings with body movements. This work explores the relationship between movement and mark-making.

“leaky rad continued” is a multi-form performance and installation. It is a body of work exploring duality, researching body movement, the snake, negative space and design principles. My research juxtaposes the multilateral structure of ballet and physical movement with perceived contortions of snakes. The result is a multi-faceted installation exploring and subverting a historical human verses snake relationship.

The snake motif is used as a metaphor for strength and renewal. Exploration of the snake vs human is explored by delving into civilizations that use snakes in its symbology. They are significant in culture, medicine and mythology. I am researching the snake through a lens of happenings in civilizations both in ancient times (Egyptian and Roman) through to self-expression and current cultural climate. This research is the basis of a film/animation, performative monologue, drawings and sculpture.

This first rendition of ‘leaky rad continued” is a film/animation, performance and drawings. In addition of a written monologue performance it is informed by basic ballet and core design principles (dot, line, square, triangle). this is part of an larger body of work - performance, sculpture, drawing and animation. 

© Nicole Shimonek 2020