The wow mirror project

This September at Klinic Community Health (870 Portage)

What is the Mirror Project?

The idea of the wowmirrorproject started when I was going to university, never having a proper full-length mirror, I’d check myself out in windows on the way to class.  Fast forward into my thirties and now my forties, I wonder how much a positive message mirror would have changed the way I saw myself at that time. 

The wow mirror project is positive messaging mirrors installed in and around downtown Winnipeg. This project address issues of identity and self-esteem. The mirror at Klinic is the first installation and rendition of the project. The mirror is 36 x 48 inches and is made out of acrylic material, with a plexi glass covering.
The wow mirror project engages pedestrians and encourages viewers to take a selfie! After taking a selfie viewers upload it to the website and  this image ends up on a running instagram account #wowmirrorproject. The mirror, website and Instagram account connects various demographics together, from culture enthusiasts, to individuals living their daily lives, When viewers look into the mirror I and are allowed to feel both confident and celebratory.
Please – participate when walking in and around Klinic please take a selfie and upload it to the from there Ill put the images on Instagram. Please contact Nicole for further information and details. Email here.

The wow mirror project is gratefully supported by the Social Innovation Challenge, United Church of Canada and A+ Computer Services. Produced in partnership with Contempra Signs.


© Nicole Shimonek 2020