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Nicole is a visual and multi-media artist. She has an MFA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London and BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba. She exhibits and makes work through residencies, curated and self-initiated projects. Artist residencies include the Banff Centre for the Arts, L’AiR international (Paris), Bow Arts Trust (London), Brompton Design District (London) and Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto).

Her videos and art have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Selected exhibitions include The Fragile Power of Drawing (Paris, FR), Live in the Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Unafraid at Plug In ICA, Art Building Community at Gallery 1C03 and Walking and Being at the Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse, NY). Site responsive installations include Nuit Blanche, Social Innovation Challenge and Urban Idea’s Creative Placemaking Challenge. Her videos have screened at the Detroit Museum of New Art, on BBC’s big-screen events, at Camden Roundhouse (London, UK), Prairie Scene (Ottawa), Images Festival (Toronto), Supermarket Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden) and with Studio 303 at the MAI (Montreal).

Her practice investigates survival experiences through materials - drawing, sculpture, performance, media and installation.